Read for Literacy’s Board of Trustees


Board of Trustees

Adele Jasion, Chair

Brian Craig, Vice Chair

Joe Wieligman, Secretary

Shaun McMackin, Assistant Secretary

Mark Walla, Treasurer

Stephen Dolley, Past Chair



Maria Bailey

Julia Bates

Earllene Bond

Gary Corrigan

Joel Levitan

Pat Lora

Todd Romain

Cheryl Wolff


Emeritus Board

Stephen R. Dolley, Chair

William Block, Jr.

Bob Howell

B. Gary McBride

Brad Rubini

Julie Rubini

Clyde Scoles


Staff Representatives

Diana Bush


Executive Director & CPO

We are grateful for the hard work and passionate support of our dedicated board members.

If you would like to reach a member of our Board, please send an email to or call 419-242-7323 ext. 14 You can also reach our Executive Director at or at 419-242-7323 ext. 11 or by cell 419-283-8983. Thank you.